Celebrating Every Success


We are profoundly grateful for the close relationships with students and families we've developed over the years. A large portion of our business is through siblings and referrals from very gratified clients.

College Acceptances

We have worked with exceptional students who gained admission to schools including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Chicago, Penn, Brown, Duke, Northwestern, Pomona, Tufts, Wash U,  Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Virginia, Georgetown, Barnard, Emory, Middlebury, Brandeis, Boston College, NYU, Michigan, Vanderbilt, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Davis, Univ Georgia, Georgia Tech, UT Austin, Harvey Mudd, Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Pitzer, USC, Bates, Colgate, William & Mary, U. Rochester, Colby, Boston U, Illinois, UBC, Wisconsin, U.Washington,  Oberlin, GWU, American, SCU, Rensselear, Occidental, LMU, Willamette, USD,U.Puget Sound.

Exceptional Students

We are honored to have worked with Intel Science Talent Search Finalist and Semifinalists, Siemens Competition Semifinalists, Regeneron STS Award Winners, the #1 Lincoln Douglas U.S. Debate Champion, students who have published in both science and humanities refereed journals, Grand Winners of the National Young Musicians Showcase and winners in the United States Open Music Competition ...

... as well as students that have spawned organizations from school clubs and social movements to websites, blogs, documentaries and legal 501c3 non-profits ... to serve missions they care most about in this world.

What they are saying...

"It was truly a delight to work with Marci as she helped us navigate the dreadful and often intimidating process of college admissions. Marci's knowledge of the college admissions process is invaluable. She has been on the other side and knows all the nuances that selective colleges are looking for. Marci was detail oriented and extremely professional during the entire process. She was also kind, caring, and always had the right calming words for us during the stressful times when deadlines were approaching.

Her wealth of knowledge is invaluable, and she definitely knows the Do's and Don’ts of the college application process. With her guidance, help, and support, our daughter got accepted early into her first choice school - Stanford!!

It was wonderful working with Marci, and we highly recommend her! Thank you Marci!"

Delighted Parents - East Bay, CA     

"Marci helps the child find their own balance and sense of direction for their future.  She gave a very empowering yet gentle push in the right direction to my son, helping him find his own voice and motivation at a personal level, which reflects in his application and essay.  This very personalized feedback and coaching raised the quality of my son's application, and his confidence and preparedness in going through the process. The experience taught me that seeking help to strengthen this major transition was a wonderful way to ensure that both child and parent did their best and then are able to enjoy whatever comes next with more confidence.  Marci proved to be very effective and efficient in use of our time, to provide more than we ever expected, with a very happy and confident son looking forward to what the future holds."

S. A. - Palo Alto, CA 

"Ms. Reichelstein helped me find colleges where I would learn and thrive best. Her thoughtfulness about my expectations, priorities, and goals was truly unique. Your application will stand out in the crowd thanks to her ability to help you express your "best you" in the most compelling way!"

Carolyn K. - Burlingame, CA

"We recently worked with Marci Reichelstein to guide us in the process of our son's applying to college.  Happily he was admitted early decision to his top choice.  We now enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend Marci to any other family about to embark on this complex undertaking.

The school our son was accepted to had over 9,000 students apply for 260 positions. This level of competition is why we sought Marci's help. Although our son worked very hard to achieve his goals, he would be the first to admit that Marci's help was invaluable.  Having worked in the admissions departments of prestigious schools, she is a useful source of information as to what admission committees are looking for.  

She helped our son develop his background to fulfill these expectations by recommending advanced classes and enrichment activities which would bolster his profile. Marci also worked with our son to develop application essays with narrative authentically derived from his experiences and what was genuinely meaningful to him.  

Marci determined that our son's success as a football player might enhance his chances of getting into a very selective school.  To promote this approach, she created a website with his athletic resume, photos, articles, and game footage.  She researched teams, coaches and contacts, then helped our son compose a letter to the coaches at the schools which interested him. 

Much of Marci's interaction was directly with our son.  Since he both liked and respected her, he listened to her advice and responded appropriately.  We did not need to nag or cajole and this was of great benefit to our relationship. By treating him with respect and expecting him to take responsibility for the process, she taught him a valuable lesson which will help him in all his future endeavors.  

Marci Reichelstein is wonderful at what she does and anyone who hires her will not regret it."

Leah D. - Oakland, CA

"Marci is a caring, knowledgeable individual that has made my college applications process a thousand times easier. 

Marci really took the time to get to know me, and find out what I wanted from college. Her insights into my personality elicited essays that weren't just great prose, but reflected my best qualities. She also has very creative ways of using those qualities to help you build extra-curriculars that reflect who you are and stand out in the college admission process. For example, Marci gave me the resources to help start an after school program to get middle school students interested in computer science. 

Every essay I had to write, she sent me plenty of examples, which always helped me have a much clearer idea of what I wanted for my own essays. When I needed to write a resume, she sent me a template (and examples) to help. When we talked about starting a middle school program, she sent me all these documents to focus and clarify my interests and intentions. A couple hours after we talked about summer programs, she sent me a list of hundreds of STEM programs that I could never have compiled myself.

Every time we talked, Marci lifted such heavy weights off my shoulders. It felt so nice to get her emails at the end of our conversation because they were filled with resources that helped make my life and the admissions process much easier.

After the college application process was over and the decision letters had come in, Marci messaged me to learn where I had been accepted and to see if I needed help deciding. I had already decided on a small, state school. She was surprised I choose that school. Luckily, she knew me and questioned if it was truly the right fit. She guided me to the school I am in love with and am now going to! 

Marci is truly wonderful, and without her I would have been crushed by the college application process."

Michael C - Denver, CO