Student Athletes Gain Control


Athletic Recruitment by Top-Tier Schools

The Ivy League, and other private schools—from Stanford to Williams, as well as top public universities like Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and UCLA recruit “scholar-athletes” who have both outstanding academic and athletic talent. Students with solid academic profiles may also “lean” on their athletic talent as a “hook” to also gain admission to top colleges.

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Best Academic & Athletic Fit

We help students create and evaluate college options in the context of their long-term personal, academic, and athletic goals. Providing a thoughtful, structured process, you will feel confident and in-control of your interactions with coaches to find the best college fit for both you as a “student” and as an “athlete”.

All Sports—Guidance through Entire Process

Our specialized counselors, particularly Lindsey Permar, who themselves have been recruited for and played on Ivy League/top-tier teams, can help high-ability students leverage their athletic talents to gain admission into top colleges.  The sooner you understand the best process and benchmarks, the more time you have to reach your performance goals and be seen by coaches.

 Athletic Counseling Services 

In addition to all of the general college counseling services provided, our athletic college counselors offer the following specialized knowledge and guidance:

  • How to leverage your athletic talent in the admissions process at top-tier schools

  • Recommendations for NCAA Division I, II or III programs

  • Evaluation of candidacy for athletic scholarships

  • Advice on NCAA and Ivy League:

    • Recruitment procedures, rules, deadlines, and policies

    • NCAA Eligibility Center and related policies

    • Athletic-admissions rubrics including the Ivy League Academic Index

  • Assistance with applying to schools and attracting college athletic recruiters

  • Creation of an athletic resume and cover letters for athletic coaches

  • Development of an online student-athlete profile with links to your resume, highlight videos, action photos, awards/honors, transcripts, coach’s comments & recommendations, records/rankings, championships/all star teams, and online articles.

  • Guidance on student contact with coaches and potential teammates

  • Recommendations for engagement in athletic camps, clinics, and showcases

  • Review of athletic and admission offers from colleges