Comprehensive Personalized Guidance

Discover “Best Fit” Colleges

Despite the excellent services school counselors provide, their enormous caseloads and diverse responsibilities leave little time for individualized college planning.  

Working with a professional consultant will take pressure off you and transform this often stressful process into an exciting opportunity for self-discovery and admissions success. 

Be guided to the very best colleges that fit your learning style, academic profile and career aspirations.  Uniquely, you will be presented with a balanced list of colleges including detailed information about specialized programs, qualities of the community, rankings and costs.

College Research & Selection

  • Gain an overview of the American college system and a strategic understanding of the college admissions process

  • Understand your learning style and qualities for “best fit” schools

  • College recommendations based on your academic record, extracurricular profile, and career goals

  • Balanced list of colleges including detailed information about specialized programs, qualities of the community, rankings and costs

  • Recommend college tour itineraries, online maps, and how to make college visits most productive for essays and admissions

Essays – Interview Prep - Resume

  • Personalized “mind-mapping” session to untangle values and beliefs, contemplate who you, where you’ve come from and help unearth your self-knowledge and sense of mission about what is important to you

  • Strategy, editing and guidance on all essays to help student convey their unique perspectives, sense of self and personal voice

  • Creation of High School Accomplishment Summary - to present extracurriculars in the most compelling and complete way

  • Preparation - and practice for - selective college interviews

Curriculum & Test Planning 

  • Develop a personally coherent, meaningful curriculum plan, assuring correct type and level of classes are taken for target colleges

  • Comparison of SAT vs. ACT. Recommendations for best standardized test tutors and programs

  • Review of score reporting and its impact on test taking preparation and strategy

Application Strategy & Process Management

  • Evaluate your profile, including standardized test scores, academic transcript, and extracurriculars

  • Yearly timeline for all tests, recommendations, essays, applications

  • Process management of all college applications & supplements

  • Early decision or early action strategy

  • Advice about financial aid and merit/athletic scholarships