Specialized Expertise for International Students

US College System Vast & Varied

While the United States has one of the most coveted systems of higher education in the world, it is also vast (with over 2,700 four year institutions), and varied (with colleges that are large, small, public, private, religious, women-only, liberal-arts, professional and technical).  Admission policies across US schools can be particularly complex for international students.

Individualized Service

Each International College Counselors service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and child, a review of applicable academic and test records, and dialogue about the family's profile and circumstances. With this, the consultant will better understand your child’s and your family’s values, priorities, and preferences, as well as your child’s strengths, needs, and learning style. Students and families receive a personal international college counselor taking them through the entire admission process. 

European Location

We have an office in the center of Europe, Heidelberg, Germany — just an hour from Frankfurt — to serve European Clients in their time zones.  Our office is located in the Weststadt of Heidelberg.

Special Guidance for International Needs

You will be provided with expert guidance that includes understanding International Baccalaureate curriculum, sources of financial/merit aid, language testing and requirements (TOEFL, iBT, IELTS), financial documentation, and how to cultivate deep, novel extra-curriculars in the parameters of your foreign country.

Foreign Language Speaking Counselors

We have counselors that are fluent or proficient in the following languages:
SPANISH — Lindsey Permar           FRENCH & ITALIAN— Pam Miracle
GERMAN — Marci Reichelstein

US Citizens Living in Foreign Countries

US Citizens living abroad when applying for college often have many questions about how they will be evaluated in the admissions process and special requirements they must meet.  You will be personally guided through all of these questions, and more. 

  • Will I be compared with international students?

  • Can I compete for a National Merit Scholarship?

  • What type of HLs do I need in my IB curriculum for very selective schools?

  • What if I have multiple citizenships, which one should I choose?

  • Am I eligible for financial aid?

Close Working Relationship via Telecommunications

Every year we work with students across Europe, Pacific Rim countries, India, and
South America.  Meetings are scheduled for your convenience - weekdays or weekends - via Skype, phone and other popular communication tools.